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Key Features of EMS Digital Signage

Easy Digital Signage For Your School

Deploy your own Digital Signage solution quickly and simply by using our easy to use software. Simply attach one of our Digital Signage players to an existing TV and connect to our cloud solution wirelessly. You can send your content to hundreds of screens across campus in just a few minutes.

  • Easy to use – Drag and drop software
  • Fast – Deploy your content in 60 seconds
  • Scalable – Manage hundreds of screens in moments

Modern Digital Signage Built For Education

Our Digital Signage software has been designed from the ground up with educators in mind. We have made it simple to use if case you don’t have access to an IT technician, but powerful enough to create and deploy your content across your network within seconds.

Here are some of the key features:

Ease to Use

We have developed our software to be as easy to use as possible. Setup is fast and no prior technical knowledge is required. Our online guides help you though the process of installation, setup and content creation – you’ll soon be running your Digital Signage network like a pro.

Access to Templates

With every licence of our software comes a number of ready made templates for the most common types of signage required. You can use these as they are or modify them with your own branding to create signage thats as unique as your school. If you ever get stuck or need something custom created then we are always available to help.

Fast Updates

Content updates to our signage network can take as little as 60 seconds (and we have timed it) once your content has been uploaded to our server. This means that you can push out near instant update across your network no matter where the connected screens may be in the world.

Massively Scalable

Our software works fantastically whether you have a single digital signage screen in school or hundreds scattered around your university campus. You can deploy content to a single screen, multiple screens or the whole network with only a couple of clicks.

Cloud Based

Never worry about your software being out of date or whether your data is backed up. Our software leverages the power of the cloud so its always up to date and backed up. Connectivity problems are a thing of the past – all you need is an internet connection to get up and running.

Free Trial

Our software is completely free to try – You can either create an account using our online portal or simply contact us and we will create one for you.