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Digital Signage for Education

Easy Digital Signage For Your School

Deploy your own Digital Signage solution quickly and simply by using our easy to use software. Simply attach one of our Digital Signage players to an existing TV and connect to our cloud solution wirelessly. You can send your content to hundreds of screens across campus in just a few minutes.

  • Easy to use – Drag and drop software
  • Fast – Deploy your content in 60 seconds
  • Scalable – Manage hundreds of screens in moments


After a successful trial we have replaced our ageing digital signage system with EMS’s software.

Using our existing TV’s we have been able to reduce the cost of running our screens by 50% whilst increasing the functionality of the devices.

Our staff love the drag and drop nature of the software and just how fast the content updates, which in most cases is less than a minute.

Gary D. ICT Manager


Our software has been developed with educators in mind. Our solution is quick and easy to use, with access to a wide array of pre-made content templates to get you up and running as quickly possible.

Being cloud based its also massively scalable whether you have one screen or a thousand.

Learn more about our software features.

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What Is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is the delivery mechanism for displaying multimedia content in a public place for informational purposes.

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How can schools benefit?

The implementation of digital signage in school can be of huge benefit to stakeholders including Learners, Parents, Staff and Leadership.

Some of the benefits of effective Digital Signage in Education are:

  • Improved communications in School
  • Increased learner engagement
  • Increased Parental engagement
  • In school advertising and promotion

With your own signage in school you can improve the levels of communication between stakeholders and other interested parties. You can show updated room and subject timetables and make edits live almost instantly. This way your learners and staff always know what is happening in school.

You can also deploy other school correspondence and messages instantly, with no need to wait for it to be printed and physically pinned to a notice board. This saves both time and printing costs.

Increase engagement at lunchtime with your learners by displaying the current menu choices from the School canteen. Display the schools twitter feed with live updates or show the latest media from the Schools YouTube channel.

Increase awareness amongst parents by showing school promotional multimedia during School drop off and pick up times. Use this to promote school activities and upcoming events automatically at scheduled times.

Create dynamic multi-use display boards by dynamically changing the content at different times of the day. You can show different content depending on room use. If the library is used by juniors in the morning, display content appropriate to them at that time, but display different content later when used by older learner.

You can really tailor your message to its intended audience.

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